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 What is TextPoint?

TextPoint is a multi-channel communications program which lets you communicate directly with your customers.

 What do you mean by multi-channel?

TextPoint was developed to enable companies to reach their customers in the most effective manner. While one of the biggest benefits is the ability to send text messages to all – or some – of your customers, with TextPoint you can also integrate MMS, voice mail, email, instant messaging and social media.

 Why do I need TextPoint?

More customers prefer to receive notification by text than any other form of communication. In fact, 95 percent of texts are opened by the recipient. Consumers open texts in about 90 seconds … but can take up to 90 minutes to open an email. TextPoint puts that power in your control.

 How do I send text messages with TextPoint?

We set up an easy-to-use portal which will let you create your message and send it out. It’s that easy. And, of course, you can access the TextPoint portal from your own smartphone!

 Can customers text my company with TextPoint?

TextPoint is set for two-way communications. Customers can request information or text questions, and can respond to your texts. They can even pay their bill from a past-due reminder or confirm their appointment from your text notification.

 Can I integrate customer data with TextPoint?

Yes! TextPoint works with your account management software to create a completely personalized experience for your customers.

 Can I send appointment confirmations or contract renewal reminders?

Absolutely. TextPoint integrates with your customer account data, so messages can be automatically sent based on the data that’s shared with our system.

 How do TextPoint credits work?

You’ll purchase a block of monthly credits. Unused credits will roll over and never expire. Each text message is one credit. Voice messages and MMS (longer texts, photos, videos) utilize more credits per message.